Access the SCOH Member's Site

New Members

Our goal is to provide an accessible and secure means for members to gain access to the SCOH Members website. To access the SCOH Members Site, you must be a SCOH active or inactive member. If you’re a new or un-registered member, register at the link below.

Once you’ve gone through the registration process, Google (who hosts our web site) allows you to stay logged on, so you can go directly to the Members section of the website without further logons.

Members, click here to REGISTER for access to the SCOH Webspace.

SCOH Webspace Summary

* denotes member only access. 

Reserving a Club Asset

Reserving a club glider and an instructor are done via Schedule Master, a web-based scheduling system specifically tailored for SCOH's operation. You will need a user name and password to access the site (second bullet below). After you join SCOH, you will receive your user name and password. See the first bullet for instructions on how to use the our system.