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Club Aircraft

Two Seat Training Gliders
Blanik L-23
SCOH owns two L-23 Super Blaniks that function as our most used trainers. This two-place, all metal glider allows us to give quality instruction to students and provides a great platform to bring a family member or friend along for a ride.

Blanik 4 N455BA
Blanik 5 N299BA

Glide Ratio 24:1
Empty Weight(typical) 720 pounds
Wingspan 60 feet
Schweizer 2-33
The Schweizer 2-33 is a sturdy glider that is well suited to the rigors of training.

Glide Ratio 20:1
Empty Weight(typical) 620 pounds.
Wingspan 51 feet
Schleicher ASK21
The ASK21 is a two seater and our acro and cross country trainer.

Glide Ratio 35:1
Empty Weight (typical) 800 pounds
Wingspan 56 feet

Piper Pawnee Tow Planes
Red: Pawnee 1 N6494Z
Blue: Pawnee 2 N6992Z
Orange: Pawnee 3 N4386Y
History of the Piper Pawnee

Single Seat Gliders
The PW-5 is an easy to fly glider that was designed so pilots could compete against each other on a level playing field. The PW-5 is constructed of all composite materials.

Glide Ratio 34:1
Empty Weight(typical)  410 pounds
Wingspan 44 feet
Blanik L-33
The Blanik L-33 Solo is an all metal, single place, intermediate performance sailplane well suited for the student pilot and as an initial cross country sailplane.

Glide Ratio 31:1
Empty Weight(typical) 470 pounds
Wingspan 46 feet

Rates to fly our club gliders