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Membership Rates

Membership Types
SCOH has several types of memberships. 
In order to keep the costs down, the club operates on a self help basis. Members are required to carry out a duty day on a periodic basis. This may be helping with field operations or another duty depending on skills and preference.

Aerotow Rates

 1,000 feet $23
 2,000 feet $29
 3,000 feet $42
 4,000 feet $62
 Aerotow Retrieve $100 per hour
($60 minimum)
$1 fuel surcharge per tow effective 14 Jun 2014

All rates on this page are current as of 1 Jan 2015.
Glider Rental Rates

Schweizer 2-33

Blanik L-23, Blanik L-33 and PW-5

Standard Jantar
*If the glider is blocked for badge or cross-country flights, the member will be charged a flat rate of 3 hours ($72.00) no matter the flight time.

Schleicher ASK21

Instructors provide their services at no charge to members.
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