Training Program

SCOH Students: Bookmark this page in your browser because it is the starting point for your ongoing training.


The syllabus is an outline of the subjects in the course of study on your path towards obtaining your glider license.

Flight Sequence

The flight sequence document guides the student and the instructor by indicating an approximate sequence of maneuvers for upcoming flights. It also points to lesson plans that specify detailed homework that must be completed before your next lesson.

Lesson Plans

The lesson plans layout the lesson objective, the regulatory requirements, lesson content, completion standards and the study references. In each lesson plan, there is a section of "Homework for Pre-Solo" that you need to complete before the next lesson. Failure to do reading assignments ahead of time is a consistent and reliable indicator of delayed progress. Delayed progress adds unnecessary personal expense to complete the training program. Following the syllabus is a joint responsibility between the student and the instructor. Students are encouraged to actively engage in the learning process by following the guidance in the document. Please read this article Flying is a not a Spectator Sport.

Progress Cards

The progress card is a record of what has been done, when it was done and what remains to be done. It mirrors the syllabus and allows the student and instructor to keep track of the required training. A paper progress card is kept in the student's logbook. 

Prep: FAA Knowledge Exam

Preparation for this exam, aka "The Written", should start right after you solo and you should pass the exam as soon as possible.

Prep: FAA Practical Exam

After passing "The Written" as described above, preparation for this oral and flight exam should start months in advance to ensure that you are ready.