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Training Program

Primary Training Program
Step #1
Please read this article Flying is a not a Spectator Sport.
Condor Sim Resources - Google Drive Folder
Fundamental Training Program
SCOH uses two textbooks by Russ Holtz that cover the skills and knowledge required from first flight to your private pilot checkride. 
Prep: FAA Knowledge Exam
Preparation for this exam, aka "The Written", should start right after you solo and you should pass the exam as soon as possible.
Prep: FAA Practical Exam
After passing "The Written" as described above, preparation for this oral and flight exam should start months in advance to ensure that you are ready.
The continued growth and health of the soaring club depends strongly on having plenty of instructors in order to deal with the training of new students and to service pilots in need of currency training, new ratings, various checkouts, Flight reviews, etc
Secondary and Supplemental
Lesson Plans
Links to excellent, instructional videos and other resources. A few examples of lesson plans with great videos:
  • 3h Spirals, Descents
  • 4l Slips to Landing
  • 4m Spins
  • 5b Ridge
  • 6c Maneuvering Speed
  • 6g Pilot-Induced Oscillations***must see***