No 69 Squadron

Die Staffel kam am 13. Dezember 1954 von RAF Gütersloh nach Laarbruch, ausgerüstet mit dem Fotoaufklärer Canberra PR3.Staffelkommandeur: Sqn Ldr R.F. (Mac) McAllister (ab März 1957 Sqn Ldr P.P. Walker, ab Anfang 1958 Wg Cdr P.E. Woodward, mit dem die Staffel nach Malta verlegt wurde / 1.4.1958)Motto: Wir dienen mit Wachsamkeit.

Staffelabzeichen: Ein Fernrohr vor einem Anker

English Electric Canberra PR3

ab 9./13. Dezember 1954



WE139 - Winner United Kingdom - New Zealand Air Race 1953 (23hrs.51Min.)








WF927 (allocated away from the Station by Air Ministry in May 1958)

WJ858 (T4)

WJ880 (T4)

WT483 (T4) (am 4.10.1957 wetterbedingte Umleitung nach RAF Ahlhorn - Pilot sprengte unbeabsichtigt die Kanzel ab) (auch Station Flight)

Fotokollektion 69 Squadron

About 69 Squadron Badge

"After the last war, 69 Sqn. was disbanded on Aug. 13, 1945.

Eleven months earlier, however, the Squadron had been granted their official College of Arms Badge signed by the Chester Herald and inspector of Air Force Badges, and approved by King George VI in Sept. 1944.

The official description of the badge was 'in front of an Anchor, a telescope',

MOTTO: 'With vigilance We Serve'.

Reason for design: 'Symbolic of the Unit's function of general reconnaissance and the covering of shipping against submarine attack'.

Almost nine years later on Sept 23, 1954, I was given the task of reforming 69 Squadron at RAF Wyton. Equipped with Canberra PR3 the role of the Squadron was high level photographic reconnaissance.

On October 4, all aircraft flew to RAF Gütersloh in West Germany and came under the command of 2nd TAF.

On December 13, we moved to our permanent base at RAF Laarbruch, situated on the German/Dutch border. Laarbruch was a new NATO base in 1954 and 69 Squadron was the first of three Canberra Squadrons to arrive and become operational as part of 34 Wing.

The official 69 Squadron badge, mentioned above, was obtained from the Air Ministry and displayed in the hall of the Officers Mess, also all aircraft had the crest painted on their side as can be seen from the photo.

In March 1957 I handed over command to Sqn. Ldr. PP Walker and the Squadron remained at RAF Laarbruch until the early part of 1958. Wg. Cdr. PE Woodward then took over the squadron and moved to RAF Luqu, Malta, in the same year, only to be disbanded and reformed as No 39 Squadron. Following disbandment the original 69 Squadron badge should have been surrendered to the Air Historical Branch for safe custody, or otherwise retained at RAF Luqa, on the charge of the new 39 Squadron, on the grounds of the Units close connections. Unfortunately there has been no trace of the badge since July 1958 and its fate is unknown." (Sqn Ldr R.F. (Mac) McAllister)