Schools at Royal Air Force Laarbruch [zum deutschen Text]

In the beginning there was one school : Laarbruch School.

From 1974 there were two schools at RAF Laarbruch – Maas First School and Rhein-Middle-School.

Opening of Laarbruch School (BFES = British Families Education Service) was on 17 January. The number of 88 pupils rose to 100 till the end of the month. Headmaster was Mr W.W. “Bill” Smith. Teachers at that time were Miss George ( later married to Andy Bomes, an American officer), Mr Sheridan and Mr Ralph McManus. The Caretaker was Mr Appleyard. His wife did the cooking. Kay McGlone was the secretary.

1966 (till at least 1968/9) there was a young teacher: Mr Jamieson.

600 pupils in 1977 and 1978

Headteachers at Maas First

- Jan 55 - July 72: The very first one was Mr W.W. "Bill" Smith

- next name(s) are missing (Who can help?)

- Sept 77 - Dec. 80: Mr Clive B. Birch

- April 80(?) - 89(?): Miss Gil Brown (Did she follow Clive Birch?)

- ? - 1999: Mr David Barton

Rhein-Middle-School RMS was opened in September 1974 and was set in its own grounds on the edge of the Station, between the Officer’s Mess and the CSFC Church. RMS was catering for the full needs of children between 8 and 13 years. (SCEA – Service Children's Education Authority)

Mark Ashcroft was the caretaker of the school.

Headteachers at Rhein-Middle-School

- Mr Frank Willis (74 - 77) - Ken Harrison (Deputy until 1977)

- Mr Ken Harrison (1977 - Aug 81)

- Mr David V. Jones (Sep 81 - 89) - Mr Hodgson (Deputy 1983)

- Mr Lyn Cornelius (April 89 - ?)

- Mr Cater (? - 1999) - Mr M. Wright (acting headmaster - Nov. 1999)

There's a Facebook group for Rhein-Middle-School.

Maas First School

Headteacher from September 1977 - December 1980?



Sept 1974 - August 1977 September 1977 - Aug 81 David Jones (Sep 81 - 89) Lyn Cornelius (April 89 - ?)

Some information I got about teachers at RMS (FaceBook)

Teachers at Rhein-Middle 74 - 76

I was there at the start of Rhein middle school and took part in the naming competition which was won by a girl called Anne in 1974. She came up with the names Rhein middle and Maas First school, did you know it was based on the Stiner schooling system with open classes . We had extra school holidays in 74 as the school was not ready also had a fire in the school kitchens forcing the kids from Goch and Pfalzdorf eating in the airmens’ mess and the kids from Weeze and the camp going home for dinner. After about 6 months this changed and we could stay for school dinners. In 74 to 75 l was in Miss Holding’s then Mr Mason’s class then in 75 76 Mr Peaker. Miss Lowe was head of year and Miss Holding had moved up to teach this year. l got into trouble because l locked the door to the music room after Miss Holding had gone in. The lights were on the outside so l turned them off . SORRY MISS HOLDING. I had great days at Rhein middle

by Mark Williams

Sorry Nick Steele and myself were to blame you were a young teacher then and we were naughty 13 year olds , we soon unlocked the door . I got my form teacher wrong it was Mr Peaker . I have spoken to Albert Tacon on the phone in Gib he was a great teacher.

1982 Miss Urquarht, Mrs Pike

74-86 Miss Holding (later Jackie Willis) - and Mr Stuart Blades, Mr Hodgson, Mrs Plow, Mr Peaker

1984 -87: Miss Murray, Mr Tony Tate, Mr Michael Wright (-1999), Mr Hodgekinson and Mr Jones, Mr Westmoreland,

Mr Connors, Mr Tacon, Mr Allen, Mr Tooke, Miss Hales, Miss Jane McKenzie (later Mrs Snow),

Miss Pauline Davidson,

1991: Miss Prive

1992/93: Mr Thomas, Mr Platt, Peter Gronland

1999 M Wright (acting headmaster)

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