weitere Einheiten

ab 1. Oktober 1954

No 16 RAF Regiment (16/19 LAA Regiment - 16/20 LAA Regiment)

No 60 (Field) Squadron RAF Regiment

No 2 Mobile Field Photographic Section

No 5 Mobile Field Photographic Section

No 2 Wing Signals Troop

No 2 Group Communications Flight

Royal Netherlands Air Force Mobile Field Photographic Section

HQ 5352 (AC) Wing (Technical Element)

No 11 Air Formation Signals Regt. (Teohnical Element)

No 261 Ground Liaison Section

No 2 Mobile Repair and Salvage Unit

No 5352 (A.C.) Wing Detachment

No 110 Flight RAF Police

Army Photographic Interpretation Unit Detachment

Xanten Bombing Range

8. Juni 1955

No 4 Regiment Wing (Wg Cdr A.J. Orbell)

August 1955

Provost and Security Service (Detachment)

No 2 Mobile Light Repair Unit

22. Mai 1959

21 Signals Regiment (Air Formation)

1. Januar 1962

420 Maintenance Unit (zusammengeführt aus Command Modification Unit und No 420 Repair and Salvage Unit)

Kommandeur Sqn Ldr H Chant

Air Traffic Control Squadron

MT Section

No 2 Group Driving School

Juni 1992

220 Signal Squadron