Laarbruch Squadrons

Laarbruch Squadrons

Laarbruch Squadrons

2 Mobile Repair Salvage Unit (M.R.S.U.)

March 1955 and for the next 18 months 2MRSU was located in A.S.F. hangar RAF Laarbruch facing the station fire section. 2MRSU were responsible for any aircraft that were damaged at Laarbruch. Other than that they were detached to where any aircraft were damaged and spent a lot of time at RAF Gutersloh and RAF Brüggen. During this period Flt Lt Thain was the CO of the unit. It was during this period when the Airmen´s Mess strike happened. It ended up with the Station Commander being posted to the Air Ministry and Wing Commander Admin being posted.

1 M.R.S.U. was at RAF Oldenburg.

Two Rivers Gliding Club

Laarbruch's Quiet Squadron

LFC - Laarbruch Flying Club

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RAF Laarbruch Flying Club 1967 - 1999

later renamed "Niederrhein Powered Flying Club (NPFC)

finally RAF (Germany) Flying Training Centre - RAF(G)FTC