2 Squadron-Tornado

Panavia Tornado GR1A

ZA369 II

ZA370 A

ZA371 C

ZA372 E

ZA373 H

ZA394 I erster Tornado für II Sqn - 13.09.1988 / (Absturz 9. Januar 1990)

ZA395 N

ZA397 O (Absturz 01.08.1994 - nicht mehr stationiert auf Laarbruch)

ZA398 S

ZA400 T

ZA404 W

ZA405 Y

ZA411 Z

ZA449 Q

ZA552 X

ZD996 I

Tailcodes: S,H,I,N,E,Y,T,W,O,A,C and U, II & IV

No. II (AC) had received its first Tornados by 16th December 1988, although these did not have their reconnaissance equipment fitted.

They provided aircraft and crews for the reconnaissance detachment at Dhahran during Operation Desert Storm.

It's crews were also involved with the TIALD detachment at Tabuk.

After arriving at Dhahran on the 13th January 1990 they flew their first of 128 sorties on the 17th January.

As a result 'Gulf 1991' Battle honours were bestowed on the squadron.

The squadron relocated from RAF Laarbruch to RAF Marham on the 3rd December 1991.

Info on the Tornado GR1A from Tornado-data.com

The Tornado GR.1A is a modified GR.1, it is modified to house a number of reconnaissance sub systems.

The GR.1A fleet is made up of 16 GR.1 conversions and 14 new build GR.1As.

There are a few visual cues to differentiate a GR.1A from a GR1. The most obvious are the panels on either side of the forward fuselage and a small fairing beneath the cockpit floor. A further difference is that the GR.1A has no cannon, they have been removed to allow more equipment space for the reconnaissance package.

ZA402 was the development aircraft for the GR.1A which led to the production of 30 airframes, although ZA394, ZA397,ZG708,ZG710 & ZG725 have been lost.

The GR.1A airframes are as follows,

ZA370, ZA372, ZA373, ZA394 ,ZA395 ,ZA397 ,ZA398 ,ZA401 ,ZA402 ,ZA405 ,ZD996 ,ZG705 ,ZG706 ,ZG708 ,ZG725

ZG727, ZA369, ZA371, ZA400, ZA404, ZE116, ZG707 ,ZG709 ,ZG710 ,ZG711 ,ZG712 ,ZG713 ,ZG714 ,ZG726 ,ZG729,

Commanding Officers whilst at RAF Laarbruch

11 November 1969

07 December 1971

02 December 1972

08 May 1975

01 April 1976

06 January 1978

04 May 1980

18 January 1983

31 May 1985

13 March 1987

01 January 1989

01 July 1991

Squadron Leader R J M David

Wing Commander B A Stead

Wing Commander D H Warren

Wing Commander D C Ferguson

Wing Commander R A F Wilson

Wing Commander R Fowler AFC

Wing Commander T G Thorn AFC

Wing Commander F J Hoare AFC

Wing Commander G E Stirrup

Wing Commander P O Sturley

Wing Commander A Threadgould

Wing Commander B C Holding

Photo collection II Squadron Tornado GR1A - RAF Laarbruch

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