No 3 (F) Squadron

1968 – 1971 No 3 (F) Sqn

English Electric Canberra B(i)8

B(I)8 CANBERRAS – No 3 Squadron at RAF Laarbruch

Listed here are all the B(I)8 Canberras (extract 3 Sqn) that were produced in the UK. The majority of these Canberras served with the RAF's Strike Squadrons in Germany from the mid 1950s until the early 1970s. Swapping of aircraft between the strike squadrons was fairly common so the various owners of each B(I)8 on the list are indicated by a green-filled cell in the particular squadron's column.

Where available, a link is provided from an aircraft's serial number to a photo and potted history in the B(I)8 Galleries.

B(I)8s which crashed are shown with their "comment" in RED

XH868 - Canberra T4 (15. Jan. 1968 - wurde direkt nach Ankunft von RAF Geilenkirchen an Laarbruch Station Flight übergeben)

Commanding Officers (whilst at Laarbruch)

07.1967 - Wg Cdr R. Hollingworth

12.1969 - Wg Cdr MR T Chandler

09.1970 - Wg Cdr H D Seymour

Squadron Exchanges (compiled by Luca Araniti, Italy)

Für alle Registrationen gilt: Flugzeuge wurden auch häufig zwischen den Squadrons getauscht.

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