Online Activities for 1st & 2nd Classes

White Rose Maths - Time: Lessons for Year 1 on Time to the Hour, Time to the Half Hour, Writing Time and Comparing Time. Lessons for Year 2 on o'Clock and Half Past and Quarter To and Past.

Matholia - Time: A series of video lessons, including Telling Time to the Hour, Telling Time to the Half Hour, Quarter Past and Quarter To.

Khan Academy - Time: Watch the video to learn about time and then answer the practice questions. You can also register for a free Khan Academy account to record your progress and explore other areas of Early Math.

Splash Learn - Time Games: (First Grade) Estimate and measure length. Second class class could try the Second Grade games.

Let's make a Calendar: From Starfall, this builds an interactive calendar for the current month and asks questions. NB: This is a US site so the calendar starts with Sunday, not Monday and includes the US holidays and feasts.

Using a calendar: From Maths Frame, 3 levels of questions about the current month. Start on level 1 and move up a level when confident.

Calendar Clowns: Answer a host of questions based on the calendar given.

Telling the time in words: Look at the clock and find the matching time in words. 5 different levels: reading time to the nearest hour, half hour, quarter hour, five minutes or minute, which can be played as timed or untimed games.

Telling the time: Read the time on an analogue clock. Lots of choice over levels, including: reading time to the nearest hour, half hour, quarter hour, five minutes or minute. Options include using a 24 hour clock and seeing how many correct answers you can get in a given time.

Time Tools: Match analogue and digital times, on the hour and half hour. Click on start to learn more about time (tell me more tab), telling time to any minute interval and to try out other challenges and games (other tabs along top).

Time Matcher: Memory game where you match equivalent amounts of time eg 1 week, 7 days etc

Time Teller: Tell the time game with 6 different levels, from half hour to minute intervals, and solving elapsed time problems in hours and/or minutes. .

Adding Time Problems: Quiz game where you've to read the problems and work out the answer. Lots of options and levels.

Hickory, Dickory, Clock: Read the time at the bottom of the screen and chose the matching clock. Three levels available.

Clock Splat: Find the digital time that matches the analogue time and Splat! Options include hours, half hours and quarter hours.

That Quiz - Time: This quiz has lots of options, on the left hand side, that can be changed to suit the ability of the child. Ensure that the level is set to 1. Each time do the set 10 questions, if you get 10 or 9 correct go up a level, if not stay at that level. There are lots of different types of activities: For Simple clock (it automatically starts on this) you must type in the digital time; if you set it to Time passed you must identify the amount of elapsed time from first to second time.

I Know It! - Time: Scroll down to Time to do any of the activities. There are some more advanced activities in the second grade section.

Time: a selection of games from ixl.com. You can do a number of free quizzes each day without having a subscription. (Please note that the class levels given do not always align accurately with the content of the Irish Primary Curriculum.)

Math Games: a whole suit of times games, for all class levels; choose the skill you want to practice.