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Post date: Dec 5, 2015 12:18:34 PM

I first came across That Quiz about five years ago, and I've been a firm fan ever since. What I like so much is its simplicity, its accessibility, its versatility and its price - free! And since it's a while on the go I thought that everybody else was using it too; but from feedback at recent courses that wouldn't seem to be the case.

So in this post I'm going to run you through a couple of ways you can use this excellent site, and I'm also going to tell you how you can get your hands on some FREE, ready-made tests, including gaeilge, to make your life even easier!

Using That Quiz without logging in or registering:

Click on the link above to go to the home page of the site.

Click on any of the maths topics to access a mini-test; some of the topics are more second-level but many are ideal for primary/elementary

Number & Algebra:

Place Value identifying value, rounding, converting in both whole number and decimal, and even Roman numerals

Number line: identify missing numbers on a number line; can include negatives if selected

Arithmetic: operations using all sizes of numbers and can include negatives if selected

Inequality: Comparing numbers and expressions, agin can include negatives if selected

Identify fractions: using shapes, number lines, and by shading in the correct amount. Also has ratios

Arithmetic Fractions: operations and calculations involving fractions, decimals and percentages

Inequality: comparing fractions, decimals and percentages

Simplify: simplifying fractions, decimals and percentages


Factors: identify factors, multiples, LCM, HCF, prime and composite numbers

Algebra: can be used to solve simple equations with variables

Shape and Space:

Triangles: identify types and calculate perimeter, area and measure of angles

Shapes: click on identify to chose what shapes are in the mix

Geometry: click here to calculate the perimeter and area of various shapes

Angles: Calculate the measure of various angles


Money yes, it has euro! You can identify and compare amounts and make change

Time identifying time on a clock, calculating elapsed time, converting units of time etc

Measurement measuring using a cm ruler


Graphs: answer questions based on pictograms, bar charts, line graphs, pie-charts (circle) and multiple bar charts (Multi Bar)


Probability: expressing chance using fractions

The site also has some vocabulary, science and geography tests built in, but I would have used the maths topics mostly.

If you click in to any of the tests you'll realise that you can customise each one of them in many ways.

And depending on the length of test you choose (ie number of questions) at the end the computer will tell you how many right, wrong and tell you specifically the ones that were incorrect and what should have been the correct answer.

How to use the site without logging in:

  • Show suitable quiz on IWB; children answer on their MWBs if available. in this way it is ideal as a quick oral and mental starter, or as a plenary, to gauge their general understanding of the topic at hand

  • Pupils could also use it in this way on a PC, tablet or any device (even works on mobile phones) as a reinforcement tool and a way to self-assess their own understanding.

Creating and logging into a free teacher account on That Quiz:

As good as all the above features are they become even better when you register for a free teacher account and set up your class or classes on the site. This means that you can now select and customise tests exactly to your needs and assign those tests to all your class, to individual groups within your class, or to multiple class groups. Then the pupils just need to log in to take the test, using the unique code that you provide them with.

Once they complete the test, not only will then get instant feedback about their performance, but you also get that information, straight away to your account. This means no time spent correcting and more time available to analyse results, which should be the whole purpose of assessment; using the results to inform your teaching ie Assessment for learning

Once logged into your account you can:

  • View the results of the class as a whole (go to grades) and view these as scores or in a graph, which would can then sort (ascending or descending)

  • Click on the name of a specific test and then the frequently missed link and you can see the questions that the group answered incorrectly in order of frequency; this allows you to identify something that the whole class might need to revise.

  • View the results of individual children in the same ways above by clicking on their name

How to set up a class:

  • Login at and create a your teacher account using your email

  • Click on New Class to type in your class details. You can also import a pre-existing class list and you can create multiple classes if needed for smaller groupings (or if you've a range of different abilities and you don't want to assign the same test to all)

  • Now select a test by choosing one of the common tests (on sidebar) and customising it according to your needs

  • Once you click on the Assign test button at the bottom, you will be give an 8 character alphanumeric code for this test. I usually write this down for myself on a post-it.

  • Then get your class to do the test. The children input their test code into the test code box on the bottom right of the home screen, click on their name and complete the questions.

  • I usually bring in the laptops (16) to the class; one half does the test while the other just do text book activities and then they swap. Or I've also put the post-it on the one computer at the back of the class and each child has gone down in turn to complete the test over the course of a morning or day.

  • This site is also ideal if you have a BYOD scheme in your class/school as it works on all platforms and devices.

  • You can also assign more than one test at a time to make it more time efficient.

Furthermore, there is a way to have each child assigned a password and to have a link to your class That Quiz page on your own school or class page. Click here to access a full guide on how to do this.

However, that is something extra and not necessary to get the best out of this site.

Importing and creating other tests:

Once you get the hang of That Quiz, you'll starting thinking that it would be great to use this for testing in other subject areas. That too, is possible!

  • Click on Browse, under Other Tests, and you can access other tests that teachers all around the world have made using this site.

  • Search for suitable tests using the search box eg The Sun and it's planets, Rocks and Minerals etc

  • If you see a test you think is perfect just click on assign* and it will assign it to your selected class.

  • If you see one you like, but you also want to edit it slightly, then click on import*; this test is now in the test section of your account where you can copy it and/or edit it in any way you wish.

  • Start getting very confident an you can easily design your own tests to tailor exactly to specific content; you can then keep these private to yourself, share them with specific colleagues (Click on Share, under Other Tests) or make them public and share them with the world!

* you must be logged into your own account to see these options

And this is where I come to the FREEBIES I promised! I have designed some of my own tests that are available to assign and import. You can find these by searching for Corroon in the search box or clicking here. Of these probably the most useful to Irish teachers are these Gaeilge tests:

Gaeilge rang 5 téarma 1 (30)

The first test is an amalgamation of the second two, and as it says they are aimed at 5th class in an English medium school. At the time, my class were using Bun Go Barr 5, so many of the items are based on the type of sentences, grammar etc they would have been used to in this book. Again, you could assign this test directly to a class or import it and delete or change question items to make it more suitable for your class. Enjoy!

I really encourage you to have a look at That Quiz; I promise you won't be disapponted!

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