Online Activities for Infant Classes

Number Jacks: Going Wrong, Going Long. Another episode for length is Measured Response

Long and Short with Kermit & Grover: The Sesame Street favourites explore long and short.

Happy Numbers Pre-kindergarten: Work through the length activities in Module 5, Topic A. After, move onto Kindergarten, Module 3, Topic A and B.

Let's Compare: A comparing sizes game, including picking out the biggest, smallest, shortest etc

I know it – Longer/Taller or Shorter: Interactive quiz for Kindergarten. Also available: Measure length in non-standard units.

Long, tall, short, wide, narrow: a selection of games from ixl.com. You can do a number of free quizzes each day without having a subscription.

Math Games Choose the Long/Short and Tall/Short practice games from Junior and Senior Infants