AKA Volume

Online Activities for Infant Classes

Matholia - Volume: A number of video lessons on volume (capacity) that include Describing Volume and Comparing Volume.

Number Jacks: The Container Drainer

Making lemonade: A video showing how some children used capacity as they made lemonade

Full and Empty with Grover: The Sesame Street favourites explore capacity. Other relevant clips include Elmo & Zoe Full and Empty, Kermit explains More and Less and The Two Headed Monster More and Less Milk

Happy Numbers Kindergarten: Work through the capacity activities in Module 3, Topic D.

Splash Learn: Compare capacity

I know it – Kindergarten: Scroll down to Measurement and select the holds more or less activities.

Measurement: a selection of games from Choose the games to do with holds more or less from Junior and Senior Infants. You can do a number of free quizzes each day without having a subscription.

Math Games: Choose the Holds more or Less practice games from Junior and Senior Infants