Comparing & Ordering

Online Activities for 1st & 2nd Classes

Ordinal Numbers: Video showing ordinal numbers, 1st to 20th.

White Rose Comparing: a series of lessons on comparing objects and numbers; also introduces/uses the mathematical symbols <, > and =. These series of lessons could be followed up with the lessons on ordering and ordinal numbers

White Rose Maths Ordering Numbers: A lesson on ordering number up to 100

Math and Learning Videos 4 Kids: This YouTube channel has lots of videos including Comparing Numbers and Greater Than, Less Than.

Maths Frame - Empty Number Line: Practice placing numbers in the correct position; choose 0-10 initially and then move to the next levels to challenge yourself.

Maths Frame - Compare Numbers on Number Lines: Practice identifying the greater/smaller number; choose up to 10 initially and then move to the next levels to challenge yourself.

Caterpillar Ordering: Choose between ordering (where you put the given numbers in order) or sequencing (where you complete the sequence with the correct numbers from those given). Has various levels including 1-100.

Coconut Ordering: Hit the numbers in order of size. Select 'numbers' and then choose from numbers up to 10, up to 20, up to 100 (in tens) or up to 100 (any number).

Battleship Numberline: Can you blow up the enemy submarines? This game starts very easy, where you must click the correct number on the number line, but then the game progresses in difficulty as the player must work out where a given number would be placed on the blank number line. Choose the whole number game.

That Quiz - Inequalities: Select the correct sign each time

Splash Learn - Counting and Comparison Games: Practice number word order, ordering numbers and comparing amounts.

Comparing: a selection of games from You can do a number of free quizzes each day without having a subscription. There are also some ordering games: order numbers up to 10; order numbers up to 30; order numbers up to 100; ordinal numbers up to 10th; ordinal numbers up to 100th