Lines & Angles

Online Activities for 2nd - 4th Classes

Turns, Angles and Lines: A series of video lessons from White Rose Maths, including for Year 2, Describing Turns 1, Describing Turns 2. For Year 3: Right Angles in Shapes, Compare Angles, Horizontal & Vertical, Parallel & Perpendicular. For Year 4: Identify Angles and Compare and Order Angles.

Lines & Angles: A series of video lessons from Matholia including What are Angles?, Right Angles, Identifying Angles, Parallel Lines and Perpendicular Lines.

Khan Academy - Right Angles: Read through and then answer the practice questions. Afterwards, for something more challenging, look at the Fourth Grade Activities, which explore different types of lines and angles. You can also register for a free Khan Academy account to record your progress and explore other topics/grades.

Turns on a compass: Compare the start and end positions of the dial and decide how it turned.

Turn the man: Explore how many times you need to turn the man to match the images.

Right or Left: Which way is the animal facing?

Pattern Blocks: Explore the lines and angles that can be made with these interactive pattern blocks. Also includes a protractor feature for measuring the angles.

Geoboard: Make lots of different angles and lines using this interactive geoboard, free from the Math Learning Centre.

I Know It! Classifying Angles (Third Grade) and also in Fourth Grade.

Geometry: a selection of games from, including types of angles, obtuse, acute or straight, types of lines. You can do a number of free quizzes each day without having a subscription. (Please note that the class levels given do not always align accurately with the content of the Irish Primary

Math Games: Identify the parallel, perpendicular and intersecting lines

Acute, Obtuse or Right angle: Answer the quiz questions