Online Activities for 3rd - 6th Classes

White Rose Maths - Statistics: a series of lessons for Year 3 Week 1, Year 3 Week 2, Year 5 Week 1 and Year 5 Week 2.

Matholia - Data: A number of video lessons that cover Making a Bar Chart and Interpreting Line Graphs.

Khan Academy - Represent and Interpret Data (Third Grade): Watch the videos and then answer the practice questions. Afterwards, for something more challenging, look at the Fifth Grade activities on Line Plots. You can also register for a free Khan Academy account to record your progress and explore other topics/grades.

That Quiz - Graphs: This quiz has lots of options, on the left hand side, that can be changed to suit the ability of the child. Ensure that the level is set to 1. Each time do the set 10 questions, if you get 10 or 9 correct go up a level, if not stay at that level. There are lots of different types of activities: it automatically starts on bar charts, and you can choose pictogram, line (trend graph), circle (pie chart), multi-bar also. There are many question options also: plot, how many, difference, minimum, maximum, mean (average, 5th up) and mode (6th class). Also available (for 5th/6th) is That Quiz - Averages

Splash Learn - Data Games: These games cover Data on a Bar Graph, Read Line Plots and Represent Data on Line Plots.

I know it – Third Grade: Scroll down to Graphing to select those activities. There are similar activities in Fourth Grade and Fifth Grade.

Bar Charts: From Maths Frame, answer the questions on both vertical and horizontal bar charts; it also has both one-step and two-step questions.

Create a Graph: Online graph creation facility that also allows you to print finished product.

Averages and Bar Models: Video tutorial on how bar models can be used to solve problems involving averages.

Handling Data - Quiz: Test yourself on what you know about data

Graphs: a selection of games from Choose the games from your class level. You can do a number of free quizzes each day without having a subscription.

Math Games - Graphing: games to practice graphing skills; go to the activities for your class level.

Math is Fun - Data: Background information on data including (scroll down index) how to show data (different graph types) and how to do surveys