Online Activities for 5th & 6th Classes

Interactive online chance tools: No dice at home? Don't want to have to make up a spinner? There are lots of interactive tools and random chance games here.

What are the odds? Interactive dice simulator, choose from 12, 20 or 30-sided dice, simulate making hundreds of rolls at once, and log the results automatically for analysis. Or just use it to play games!

FCPS - Probability: This series of instructional videos for Grade 5 cover how to explore probability using Lists and Charts (video 1), using Tree Diagrams (video 2), using Fractions to Express Probability (video 3), Determining the Number of Possible Outcomes (video 4).

YouTube Videos on Chance: These instructional videos explore chance and the probability of something happening. Each time, when asked a question, pause the video and try to answer it, before playing to hear the answer. The videos cover Basic Probability, Calculating/Determining Chance and Chance Investigations.

Mashup Math - Video Lessons: these include Using area models, how area models can be used to identify all possible outcomes, and Using Tree Diagrams, how tree diagrams can be used to identify all possible combinations.

Climber Probability Game: Help the climber reach the top by clicking on the colour that you think will win the spin.

The Vile Vendor Probability Game Use your understanding of chance to work out the likelihood of getting these vile drinks!

Bobbie Bear: Explore combinations using this virtual tool; how many different outfits can Bobbi Bear wear on holiday

Adjustable online spinner: use this to make up your own spinner, predict the outcome and and then investigate the actual outcomes. - Probability Quiz: What is the probability of the spinner landing on certain letters?

Maths Frame - Probability Game: Work out the probability of scoring a number, or range of numbers, on a number spinner and answer in either fractions, decimals, percentages, or on a number line. Compare the probability of an event on two different number spinners and say which is more likely.

Probability & Statistics: a selection of games from Choose the games from your class level. You can do a number of free quizzes each day without having a subscription.

Math Games - Probability: games to practice predictions and probability skills; go to the activities for your class level.

Math is Fun - Probability: Background information on probability

Mathwire: Check out this page for more games that focus on probability.