Online Activities for Infant Classes

White Rose Maths - Pattern: lessons for infant classes covering Pattern; scroll down to session 4 and 5 for videos and activities.

Biscuit Patterns: Biscuit the dog likes his dog biscuits served in a particular pattern. Can his friend serve the biscuits in the pattern that Biscuit prefers? Watch the video and answer the questions

Grover's Winter Games: Choose the snowboarding game to complete shape patterns.

Peep's Feet - Patterns: Help Peep and friends by completing the repeating patterns.

Planet Pal: Pick the correct colour to complete the pattern.

Top Marks - Shape Patterns: sequencing game where you need to complete the pattern of different coloured 2D shapes. It is a multiple choice game with three levels of difficulty.

Pattern Blocks: Make numerous patterns, designs, pictures etc with these interactive pattern blocks. You can also choose a puzzle to complete.

Mathigon Polypad: Use this excellent tool to create, copy and extend patterns. Select Tiles > Geometry and then drag out your own choice of tiles make patterns.

The Gingerbread Man Game: Play the ordering game for numbers up to 5, and up to 10.

Caterpillar Ordering: Choose between ordering (where you put the given numbers in order) or sequencing (where you complete the sequence with the correct numbers from those given). Has various levels including 1-5, 1-10 and 1-20.

Coconut Ordering: Hit the numbers in order of size. Select 'numbers' and then choose from numbers up to 10 or up to 20.

Happy Numbers: pupils in Senior Infants could work through the pattern activities (patterns in adding 0 and 1) from Module 4, Topic H.

I Know it - Patterns: A practice game

Splash Learn - Patterns: Practice how to Extend Number Patterns (rule given), Extend Number Patterns (rule not given) and Generate Numerical Patterns.

Patterns: a selection of practice games from You can do a number of free quizzes each day without having a subscription. Start with the second class games and work up through the activities (Please note that the class levels used here don't exactly match the class level content in the Irish maths curriculum).

Math Games - Patterns: Selection of practice games; choose your class level