Number Sentences & Equations

Online Activities for 3rd - 6th Classes

Number Balance: solve the equations by hanging tags on the correct number on the number balance. Has lots of different levels.

Expression Exchange: Use this in GAME mode; combine the variable cards to make an expression that matches the ones given.

SolveMe Mobiles: These are a series of hanging mobiles puzzles that may or may not be balanced, and using the information you have to work out the missing values. They start quite easy and then progress in difficulty. You can register for free so that you can save your progress. Scroll down to the end of the page to play.

SolveMe Who am I: Another series of puzzles; this time you need to work out he mystery number from the clues given. They start quite easy and then progress in difficulty. You can register for free so that you can save your progress.

Mashup Math Equation Puzzles: There are lots of colourful puzzles to solve here, often with a seasonal theme. Print them out and solve them or just view them on a screen and see if you can work out the value of the symbols on each line. You can also check out the Mashup Math website for more puzzles, videos etc.

Happy Numbers Fifth Grade: Do the activities in Module 5, Algebraic Expressions

That Quiz - Arithmetic: Use this to practice different types of number sentences; then try Inequalities (greater than, less than). You can also choose different options from the menu on the left-hand side.

I Know it! - Basic Algebra (Fourth Grade): Go to the Basic Algebra section to do any of the activities. You could also try the Basic Algebra section in Fifth Grade.

Thinking Blocks: Practice making bar models that match word problems and then calculate and answer. Work through these in order, i.e. start with Thinking Blocks junior and if you feel that this is too easy then move onto the next set.

Splash Learn - Write expressions: A practice game from Splash Learn. Choose the correct number sentence to match the word sentence. Also available, background information on Number Sentences including definitions and examples.

Functions and Equations: a selection of practice games from You can do a number of free quizzes each day without having a subscription. Start with the second class games and work up through the activities (Please note that the class levels used here don't exactly match the class level content in the Irish maths curriculum).

Introduction to Algebra: information on basic algebra and how to balance equations from Maths is Fun.