Online Activities for 5th & 6th Classes

Maths at Home - Area: (Year 4) a series of lessons, that could be followed up with the Area lessons in Year 5.

Khan Academy - Area (Third Grade): Watch the videos and then answer the practice questions. Afterwards, for something more challenging, look at the Fourth Grade activities on Area and Perimeter. You can also register for a free Khan Academy account to record your progress and explore other topics/grades.

Finding the Area & Perimeter of a Rectangle: A video lesson from Mashup Math.

Happy Numbers Third Grade: Pupils could start the activities in Module 4, Topic A, B and D. When completed they could move on to all the topics in Grade 4, Module 2, Topic A.

Area & Perimeter: Tool for exploring and creating shapes with various areas. Another similar tool is this one from Maths Frame

Area Builder: Choose GAME. You will be challenged to build a shape with an area of a specific number of square units. (You could also try the EXPLORE option allows you to build shapes of various areas).

Scootle - Compound Shapes: Play this game to find the area.

That Quiz - Geometry: Options to calculate the area of rectangles, triangles, circles and trapezoids. You can also choose to calculate the length of the perimeter of the shapes.

Area Games: From Splash Learn

Cubes: use this virtual tool to create models of various rectangular prisms and identify their volume and/or surface area; click on the settings cog to input your own dimensions

Area: a selection of games from You can do a number of free quizzes each day without having a subscription. Choose your class level.

Area: Practice games from Math Games. Choose your class level.

Math is Fun - Area: Background information on length and its main metric units.