2-D Shapes

Online Activities for 3rd - 6th Classes

Matholia: Various video lessons from Matholia exploring the properties or characteristics of a rectangle, square, triangle, rhombus and trapezium.

White Rose Geometry: a series of lessons on position and direction, that cover co-ordinates (the first quadrant) and translations.

Khan Academy - Properties of Shapes (5th and 6th class): Watch this series of videos on triangles and quadrilaterals and answer the practice questions. There is also a video and questions here on Coordinates: (6th Class).

Who am I? A video lesson where children have to identify the 2-D shapes from their properties and pictures. The shapes at the beginning are those relevant to first and second classes and the latter shapes are more relevant to 3rd class up.

What shape am I? This time you have to identify the shapes just from their properties. Make sure you guess before clicking on to see the answer!

That Quiz Shapes: lots of different options here; start with "identify" and chose the shape names and level of difficulty to suit.

That Quiz Triangles: lots of different options here; to identify different triangles, to calculate the measure of the angles, perimeter, area etc. Just chose the options and level of difficulty to suit.

2-D Shapes: Lots of useful information about 2-D shapes from BBC Skillswise, including a video highlighting 2-D shapes in the real world.

Pattern Blocks: Make numerous designs, pictures etc with these interactive pattern blocks. You can also choose a puzzle to complete.

Pienado: A 2-D shape adventure game where you need to use 2-D shapes, in various positions, to plug gaps in a forcefield.

Classifying Triangles: a video which shows how all triangles are not the same.

Kangaroo Hop: Get your kangaroo to the finish line first by choosing the correct 2-D or 3-D shapes.

I know it - Quadrilaterals: Interactive quiz

That Quiz Coordinates: (6th Class) From the options on the left hand side select identify/plot/both and quadrants I.

IXL: A selection of geometry games from ixl.com. You can do a number of free quizzes each day without having a subscription.

Math Games: a whole suit of geometry games, for all class levels; choose the skill you want to practice.

Maths is Fun: Background information on 2-D shapes as a part of geometry.

Polygon quiz: Name the polygons by dragging the names into the correct places.