3-D Shapes

Online Activities for Infant Classes

Solid Shapes: A video lesson from Matholia describing the properties of common solid (3D) shapes, including cube, cuboid, cone and sphere.

3-D Shapes Song: Introduces cone, cylinder, cube and sphere.

The Number Jacks have quite a number of 3-D shape-based episodes including Sphere today, Gone tomorrow, a Circle at both ends (cylinder) and Boxing Day.

I know it - Geometry & Shapes Try the solid shapes interactive quizzes for Kindergarten

Solid Shapes: A selection of games from ixl.com. You can do a number of free quizzes each day without having a subscription. Activity L1-L7 are all about solid, 3-D objects.

Math Games: a whole suit of geometry games, for all class levels; choose the skill you want to practice.