Online Activities for 2nd - 4th Classes

Symmetry: A series of video lessons from White Rose Maths, including for Year 2, Lines of Symmetry, Draw the Whole. For Year 4: Lines of Symmetry and Complete a Symmetric Figure.

Khan Academy - Symmetry: Watch the videos and then answer the practice questions. You can also register for a free Khan Academy account to record your progress and explore other topics/grades.

Intro to Symmetry: A YouTube video that introduces and explores reflectional (mirror) symmetry.

Symmetry Land: Learn about lines of symmetry through this song from Numberock

Symmetry Painter: This simple activity allows you to paint on one side and watch as the symmetrical image magically appears on the other side!

Symmetry Matching: 3 different games where you choose the matching symmetrical half.

Symmetry Sorting: 3 different games where you decide if the image shown is symmetrical or not symmetrical.

Vertical and Horizontal Lines of Symmetry: learn about different types of lines of symmetry from Mashup Math

Symmetry Shapes: You will be shown a shape and you must create the reflection or mirror image of the shape as reflected in the line of symmetry. Click on the grid squares to colour them in, and then click check to see if you are correct.

Symmetry Counters: Similar to the game above, an arrangement of counters will be shown and you move the other counters to create the reflection or mirror image of the arrangement, as reflected in the line of symmetry.

Symmetry Invaders: Can you complete the symmetrical images to win this space invaders-type game?

Pattern Blocks: Use these interactive pattern blocks to make numerous designs, pictures etc on one side of the screen. And then challenge yourself, or another, to complete the symmetrical image on the other side.

I know it - Symmetry: Interactive quiz for Grade 1. After, you could try the Grade 2, Grade 3, Grade 4 and/or Grade 5 quiz

IXL: A selection of symmetry games from You can do a number of free quizzes each day without having a subscription.

Maths is Fun: Background information on reflection (mirror) symmetry

Math Games: a whole suit of symmetry games, for a range of class levels; start with second class and work your way up.

Line Symmetry Quiz: Identify the number of lines of symmetry in each shape by dragging the answers into the correct places.