Teaching Time...or rather elapsed time

Post date: Jan 16, 2013 10:03:27 PM

Why is it that teaching time can be so difficult?Perhaps it is because it is so abstract....can't feel it, can't see it...except of course its effects on ourselves!

Perhaps it is because it is not in base ten...a huge difficulty if children start trying to use base ten rules, to do calculations with time.

As I'm going to be teaching it myself next week, I thought I'd share some of my favourite time related links; last year, I decided to approach this topic completly differently, after looking at these: what do you think?

Elapsed Time Number-Line: Video from Mr Avery's class demonstrating how to use this method to solve elapsed time problems (can be shown directly to class)

How to solve Elapsed Time Problems: Another example of how to use the number-line method

Elapsed Time: more hints and tips, including using time number bonds and model drawing (as used in Singapore Maths)

Elapsed Time: Example of an anchor chart and printable elapsed time number lines

Elapsed Time - Strategies that work: Practical ideas and examples of strategies to teach this, from Scholastic

Interactive Elapsed Time Number Line: For use on the IWB

Difference between two times: activity based on the use of elapsed time number-line, from BGfL