AKA Volume

Online Activities for 3rd - 6th Classes

Capacity: A series of video lessons from White Rose Maths, including, for Year 3, Measure capacity, Compare capacity, Add and subtract capacity; for Year 5, Metric units; for Year 6, Metric Measures, Convert metric measures, Calculate with metric measures, What is volume, Counting cubes, Volume of a cuboid

Khan Academy - Mass and Volume (Third Grade): Watch the videos and then answer the practice questions. Afterwards, for something more challenging, look at the Fourth Grade activities on Estimating Volume and/or Converting Units of Volume. Or even the Fifth Grade activities on Metric Units of Volume. You can also register for a free Khan Academy account to record your progress and explore other topics/grades.

Happy Numbers Third Grade: Pupils can do the weight and capacity activities in Module 2, Topic A.

Capacity: Lots of useful information about capacity from BBC Skillswise, including a video highlighting capacity in the real world.

Using measuring instruments: a guide to understanding the scales on measuring jugs and using them correctly and accurately.

Capacity Countdown: Read the level of liquid on the scale and type in the capacity. Recommendation: work through the given options in order.

Coconut Ordering Game: Select Capacity to order amounts of ml and l.

Reading Scales: An activity which checks your ability to read scales in various intervals.

Cubes: use this virtual tool to create models of various rectangular prisms and identify their volume and/or surface area; click on the settings cog to input your own dimensions

I know it – Third Grade: Scroll down to Measurement (Metric) and select the volume activities. There are similar activities in Fourth Grade and Fifth Grade.

Measurement: a selection of games from Choose the games to do with volume/metric units of volume and mixed metric units. You can do a number of free quizzes each day without having a subscription.

Odlum's Baking with Kids: What better way to develop and perfect your measuring skills!

Comparing and converting metric units: Practice games incorporating metric units of mass/weight, capacity and length.

Math is Fun - Volume: Background information on volume and its main metric units. At the end of the page there is a link to an activity, explaining how you could do some capacity activities at home.

The Jugs Puzzle: You have 2 jugs of different sizes & an unlimited supply of water. Can you measure the exact amount of water needed? Has six different levels.

Mathopolos - Capacity Quiz: (for 6th class) Multiple choice quiz