Online Activities for 3rd - 6th Classes

My Money Week: Run every year in the UK around May, this is a national activity week which aims to boost children's skills, knowledge and confidence in money matters. To access the resources, you need to set up a free account, which requires email details etc and entering any UK postcode. Once registered and logged in, scroll down to the bottom of the primary resources and click on Start journey; this will start off a series of excellent videos on Max's Day Out, in which Max is deciding how best he might spend the money that he got for his birthday. The videos are designed in such a way that each one presents two possible options; the viewer selects an option, which automatically brings them to the follow-up video for their choice. There are many other resources also available here that focus on managing money.

Values, Money and Me: This is a set of stories, activities and quizzes that encourage children to consider what money can and cannot buy. These stories are particularly suited to older children: Finders Keepers, I want it, Charity Job Week, a Fair Day's Pay, Do You Need It? & Costing the Earth.

Maths is Fun - Money: Interactive games including Make the Amount, drag and drop the euro coins to make the required amount; Money Master, how fast can you give euro change; Unit Price, calculate the price per required quantity.

Is it a bargain? This fun mini-maths lesson gets pupils to use their mathematical ability to work out if so called 'special offers' are in fact good deals.

That Quiz - Money: This quiz has lots of options, on the left hand side, that can be changed to suit the ability of the child. Ensure that the currency is set to Euro and the level is set to 1. Each time do the set 10 questions, if you get 10 or 9 correct go up a level, if not stay at that level. There are three different types of activities: For Identify (it automatically starts on this) you must type in the value of the cash shown; if you set it to Compare you must click on the amount of greater value; if you set it to Make change you must click on the cash required to make the correct change for the given transaction.

Coconut Ordering Game: Select Money to order amounts of and c.

Space Trader: Practice spotting value for money as you trade with three outlandish alien shopkeepers for a range of space commodities.

Mashup Math - Money: Video lessons for 5th or 6th, that show how to Find the Total Cost, involving sales tax, ratios and proportions and explains Calculating Unit Rates, which has applications in unitary value in money, averages, ratios and proportion etc

The Budget Game: Older children can explore the realities of budgeting, income and expenditure as well as how their own choices affect their money, well-being and enjoyment balances.

Money: a selection of games from You can do a number of free quizzes each day without having a subscription. (Please note that the class levels given do not always align accurately with the content of the Irish Primary Curriculum.)

Money: Background information on money from Maths is Fun, including currencies of the world, finding unit price, interest, investing money, etc. Often there are also related activities.