Lead Investigator

Llandudno Conwy

Ti is the Lead Investigator with Pitch-Dark Paranormal... and also mum to Abbie and mother-in-law to Amyy.

She was the first recruit to the team (along with Abbie and Amyy) and found her phenomenal in what excursions and travels across Wales she has undertaken - visiting places of interest and lost hidden treasures... some of which will be available on the UrbEx page of the site...

"Some of my experiences...

Aged about 6, I was in a stately home and ducked under the rope sealing a room off from people because I wanted to talk to the lady at the window. No-one was there and it was told in the guide book that a woman is sometimes seen at the window crying as she had thrown her baby into the moat.

Aged about 14, I was using a phone box that backed onto graveyard by my dads, when there was banging on the back of phone box and it was shaking. I ran out and looked over the wall... no-one was there. Then this lady walked past me on the path and disappeared. Other people have seen her.

Age 23, I bought house with my 'now' ex. Footsteps would be heard up the open stairway and across landing... and even the dog used to hide! The heating would be switched on and off so we thought faulty wiring. We changed it all and even taped over the whole control panel but it carried on. I put Abbie to bed (only me and her in the house) she was aged about 1 month... her dummy, which she went to bed with, disappeared only to turn up in the middle of the ironing. Same thing happened with baby bottles but they never re-appeared. We would lock the doors only to go to them later to find them unlocked so changed the locks and it still happened. The night my aunt died we both saw and felt the bed change and a large bum print there and then I felt a kiss on my cheek.

Same house, we replaced the old doors, etc. and all heard the old door go and the old knocker bang and the sound of keys being thrown on a shelf... but the door had been replaced. One night me and the ex were in bedroom when the TV went up and down, the room went icy and the door had swung open (a solid door) so I got up to close it and asked: "is anyone there?" then the door flew open and room went freezing. The ex left!

When the man I cared for died of cancer, the next day a strong smell of tobacco came and then we both felt and saw the bed shape into that like someone was sat there.

When Abbie was 2 she had own room. If she was in bed you would hear what sounded like a party in her room, but when we opened the door she would be asleep. If she ever looked out of bedroom windows people always saw two people in the window.

Before we moved to Wales, me and my son came down to music playing in CD player... yet the plug was on top as it wasn’t plugged in!

The night before we moved to Wales, me and two friends went back to pack and all went to bed to hear the kitchen locked bi fold door rattling madly. So we went down opened dining room door and watched it stop. I unlocked door, checked kitchen... and re-locked it... then shut dining room door and it started again. My two friends slept in the car!"