We undertake two types of investigations - client-based and non-client-based.


These types of investigations are where a person (or persons) has contacted us as they are experiencing paranormal activity in their homes, property or place of work. These can be deemed private cases and therefore, due to the potential sensitivity and anonymity, we will always conduct ourselves in a professional way and will not ever divulge any information on such cases to the general public in any media editorial or social media site without prior consent of the client.

Discretion is always assured and of top priority for us to maintain our credibility.


These types of investigations are where PDP as a group will request access to locations in the hope to undertake an investigation... and these can be, depending upon the location, actual paid events.

So if you are wanting to join us as a member then please bear in mind that some locations we will need money to pay the venue.

Usually, public locations are free to undertake investigations.

So... What do we do?

Research... Interviews... Investigations... and finally Conclusions...

All locations that we conduct investigations at will have some history attached.

We will establish all available historical records so that we can research into the historical background.

Without this information then there is little evidence to go on for us to undertake a thorough investigation into the alleged activity.

It is amazing just how much information can be gathered not just on the internet but by talking to local people as their stories are the best form of information you can get!

Then we will conduct interviews with clients and/or persons who have vital information regarding the locations to establish what current activities are purportedly happening in the now. Again this is vital to ascertain the types of activity, the frequency of occurrence and the times of day things happen.

We will also ask certain clients to keep a diary of these events and to document as much as possible. This is what we like to call 'self-help'. It also gives clients that confidence and feel part of the team on an ad-hoc basis at least. Plus it gives us further valuable information we can utilise for our main investigation.

We might even conduct base-line readings at this stage...

What is 'Base-line'?

A 'base-line' reading test/investigation may be undertaken at the Interview stage or if not appropriate at another time before the Investigation. This is to ascertain readings of EMF, Temperatures, Plumbing and Electrical works, Carbon Monoxide and other environmental variables like doors, drawers and windows that may/may not close/open on their own or via draughts, etc.

Establishing these before a main investigation is paramount to determine alleged paranormal or natural phenomena.

However it is very important to document the times of day and also on what all persons have got on them with regards to equipment like smartphones, etc. as these can influence the readings.

Next the actual investigation is carried out.

This can be during the day or at night... or both depending upon the type of phenomena. Usually night investigations are better as it gives us the benefit of being able to monitor sound and visual activity more effectively. But this is not to say that all paranormal activity occurs during the night hours... far from it. In fact most activity is claimed during the daylight hours.

Once all documented and equipment evidence has been analysed it will be written up in a final report for the client and/or onto our website and social media pages accordingly.

On-line formats will be in a precis version to identify the clear facts on evidence found or not.

Should you wish to know more then please feel free to contact us via our website or on Facebook.