North Wales Paranormal Investigators, Ghost Hunters, UFO Hunters

Pitch-Dark Paranormal came into fruition during an evening in 2017 and we all got to talking about the vigils and investigations we were conducting on both an individual and group basis... including excursions to far and remote places on an 'UrbEx' kind of thing.

We have also attended organised events but due to the conditions it was felt that they were not really for us. So we decided that we should all just pool our resources and make an official paranormal group... although we will all still attend certain organised events as they are a great way of enjoying the paranormal field and making new friends in the process.

...hence the creation of the website! Social media sites will soon follow in its wake!

We are a small group of like-minded individuals who have an avid interest for all things of the paranormal and anomalous kind. We research and investigate all types of activity that appears more than just strange and extraordinary to most people. The research into the history of locations is one of the most fascinating parts of paranormal investigation and it is most surprising what you can find out about certain places.

We are a voluntary 'not-for-profit' group of Paranormal Investigators and therefore do not ask for any contributions of any kind. Carrying out investigations is our passion and we feel obliged to help out those who are experiencing paranormal phenomena.

We are here for your piece of mind so if you need us, please get in touch!

Please note: We do not undertake any form of exorcisms, ouija board sessions, table-tipping, mirror-scrying... or any form of occult magic. This is left to those who want to create entertainment for the masses. This is not our way as we feel a more thorough sensible and respectful way is the way forward.

So... the 'bare bones' or 'gruesome ghoulies' of Pitch-Dark...

We decided to establish the group in order to investigate alleged paranormal activity and phenomena in a common-sense approach. To do this we carry out historical research of locations, undertake objective investigations and record on our findings in a final report that will be available on here.

We aim to be well structured in our approach and to ensure the basic fundamental of keeping things within the realms of objective evidence to form conclusions from the findings and give specific feedback.

We have a vast array of equipment in our arsenal, but no amount of equipment can outweigh the common sense approach... and the use of our eyes and ears!

NOTE: We do not belong to nor are a member of any club, society or any other such group like ASSAP or The Ghost Club, etc.