Bodelwyddan Castle - Denbighshire

Dating back to 1460 - built by the Humphrey's family of Anglesey as a manor house. Most important association is with the Williams-Wynn family, which extends for just over 200 years from about 1690. It was reconstructed between 1830 and 1832 by Joseph Hansom and Edward Welch (see Beaumaris Gaol).

It became a girls private school in 1925... then in 1977 boys were admitted. The school closed in 1982 due to financial problems. Now a Grade 2 listed building it is now an historic house museum.

Paranormal History:

Ghostly children...

  • Some visitors have claimed to have heard the sound of children when there are none around.
  • People entering the Toy Room have felt their clothes and hair tugged as though by a mischievous child.
  • Victorian girls have also reportedly been seen standing looking out onto the courtyard below.

Disembodied legs...

  • A security guard claims to have seen a pair of disembodied legs as he opened a door leading from the Entrance Hall to the Watts Hall.
  • The apparition wore black shoes with gold buckles and a pair of white stockings but having vanished just as quickly as it appeared this is all that is known of this particular paranormal visitor to the castle.

The First World War Soldier...

  • Seen in one of the castle’s galleries
  • Is also said to haunt other areas of the property.

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The lady in the blue flowing dress...

  • Several sightings of her wandering around the castle’s Sculpture Gallery.
  • She has also been seen walking through and disappearing into a wall (once a doorway into the adjoining corridor).

The Victorian lady...

  • Is also said to appear in the Sculpture Gallery, manifesting as a two-dimensional image in a sepia tone.
  • Is also said to wear a long dark dress and disappears in a similar area to the blue lady.

The Cellar Man...

  • Loves disturbing the castle’s current staff and visitors.
  • Is said to lurk in the labyrinthine basement of the property.
  • Female members of staff are particularly weary of entering this area, which is also the oldest part of the castle, as the apparition is said to pinch and pull the hair of unsuspecting women.

The Castle...

Bodelwyddan Castle covered in green ivy

The Watts Hall...

The Watts Hall with hanging pictures and works of art

Sculpture Gallery...

Haunted Sculpture Gallery

The Cellar...

Cellar of Bodelwyddan Castle

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