Halkyn Cemetery - Flintshire

Dating back as early as the 1700s, this cemetery is now abandoned and most of it is over-grown and unkempt, and many of the headstones are now unreadable. The old church was demolished around 1880 and a new church was built only 100 yards away. It has been classified as "the most haunted cemetery in Wales".

Paranormal History:

  • Strange lights floating up in the trees
  • A man dressed in white has been seen
  • The sound of a ghostly dog barking from within the cemetery
  • Shadow figures seen wandering around the graves
  • A 'floating' apparition seen from behind one of the walls

Gateway into the haunted unknown...

Gateway to haunted Halkyn abandoned cemetery

Looking lost, forgotten...

Abandoned, forgotten and forlorn graves and tombs

Graves among over-grown foliage...

Graves and tombs scattered amongst over-grown foliage

Derelict... abandoned...

Tombs open underneath the tree ceiling

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