Audio and Visual


All audio equipment has the function of obtaining any auditory evidence/phenomena.

Some of the equipment used are:-

  • Digital Voice Recorders…

Both in WAV or MP3 format... for high to low quality audio recording

We will endeavour to always record in WAV format to preserve realistic sound evidence. We will enhance certain sounds just for clarification - but will preserve the 'as-is' raw-file data accordingly.


For use in capturing ‘visual’ evidence/phenomena. These can be of 'visible', 'infrared nightvision' or 'UVIR' formats.

Some equipment used are:-

  • Digital Cameras…

For photographic surveys of venues and to possibly capture any visual evidence.


A combination of the above to include the following:-

  • HD 'NightShot' Camcorder...

With wide-angle lens where required and facility for 'nightvision' mode using Infrared illuminators

  • HD 'UVIR' Camcorder...

With wide-angle lens where required and modified for potential "full-spectrum" capability. That is to see into deeper Ultraviolet, Visible and deeper Infrared light spectrum.

As with Audio evidence, we will always preserve the original unaltered raw-data files accordingly before any enhancements or edits are made for clarification.

Olympus Digital Voice Recorders...

Olympus Digital Voice Recorders

Digital Compact Cameras...

Digital Infrared Camera

HD Digital Camcorders...

Infrared Nightvision Full-Spectrum Camcorders

NOTE: The term "Full-Spectrum" is in fact not entirely true. Removing the filter lenses allows more IR and UV light to enter into the camera - thus emphasizing or deepening the opposite ends of the light spectrum.


A great piece of kit - new to our arsenal:-

  • HD Trail Camera/Video 'Nightshot'...
    • Wide-angle lens incorporating 'motion-sensing', 'time-lapse' and audio - which takes 3 rapid photos before shooting video once motion has been detected.
    • Can also be used as a point-and-shoot camera.

HD Trail Camera...

Nightshot Trail Nature Camera - motion sensing