Core Investigator

Porthmadog Gwynedd

Charlotte is also a member of Gwynedd Paranormal Investigators - a non-profit making paranormal group who arrange public events.

All monies made on events go to local charities...

"I used to think I was sensitive to the paranormal and was constantly told I have a 'sixth sense'. Even now I am usually on the same wave length with what other mediums/clairvoyants are seeing and feeling but that is not because a spirit told me it’s just a lucky guess that I somehow knew.

In the past 5 years of being a paranormal investigator I have decided I don’t believe in ghosts, even though I have experienced a few unexplained things and had intelligent answers on equipment, I do not believe that “ghosts” are the spirits of people.

I’m not sure what I believe “ghosts” to be and where mediums get their information from and that’s why I continue to investigate.

I am hungry to find positive proof and evidence of what “ghosts” and “spirits” could be. It has become addictive and quite challenging trying to obtain hard evidence of what is causing people to believe that ghosts are the souls of their loved ones."