So what do some of the terms mean in the world of paranormal? Well in the Understanding we have made clear the term 'paranormal'... but what of the other terminology?

To quote a phrase from the well-known, albeit fictional sleuth - Sherlock Holmes...

"When you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth".

A Paranormal Investigator (what we are)... someone who investigates claims into anomalous phenomena within the realms of the paranormal... although the term paranormal is a fairly broad generalisation as we've already explained.

Paranormal Investigators get called in to find out what is going on in someone's home or business. We also seek out cases that have known reports of paranormal activity and ask permission to investigate. We endeavour to make robust conclusions and report on what we did or did not experience... in a hope to solve any 'activity' as being explained rationally.

The bottom line: "Question everything"!

A Ghost Hunter... a person who believes in ghosts, spirits, etc. and go about their business trying to prove their existence by heading out to locations with supposed activity and if no evidence is found they go onto the next location.

They believe that all 'activity' if no rational explanation can be found must be of a paranormal nature. This is a dangerous way to perceive things as it can distort reality into an imaginary realm that is not too far away from paranoia.

A point to remember:

Never ever change the facts to fit the theory! If the facts do not fit the theory then change the theory and not the facts!

So what of all the other paranormal meanings?

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