St. Edith's Church - Cheshire

Legend is there was a huge flood and many of the villagers headed into the church for safety, but this was not to be and they drowned whilst clawing at the doors and walls, marks which can still be seen to this day.

Also alleged is the Black Death that enshrouded the village taking many lives.

Paranormal History:

  • Strange lights seen within the graveyard
  • Singing and scratching noises from within the church
  • The sounds of horses hooves on cobblestones although no cobbles are near the church
  • A story about a little girl who fell into a 'time-slip' - running past one corner of the church and re-appearing at the next corner almost instantaneously
  • An old lady tending to one of the graves
  • The sky - on a clear night - goes black, like a vortex opens up above the church
  • ...and one night of the year, the Bereton family return to the church in a phantom coach
  • Two dates for when this happens is either March 21st and/or Aug 28th
  • The first recorded sighting of this was in 1906.

St. Edith's Church...

St. Edith's Church at Shocklach

The Bench...

Church end Bench

Tranquillity at Shocklach...

Sunlight on St. Edith's Church, Shocklach


Graveyard at St. Edith's Shocklach

Filmmaker and historian Paul Andrew Kimball made a short documentary on Shocklach. Click here to read the notes...

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