Llandudno Junction, Conwy

Lived in Cornwall for just over 27 years, growing up there from the age of 10... and although had an avid interest in the paranormal did not have the where-with-all to go about chasing my interest.

Once in North Wales I started visiting places of interest with my daughter, still wishing to get into the paranormal... and fortunately a work colleague had his own group and so joined them in late 2013.

But wanted to get out and do my own thing... what to do? So inquired on local paranormal groups for anyone who would like to join and/or create a group...

...and so Pitch-Dark Paranormal was born.

"I have been on some amazing paranormal investigations, mostly thanks to being a member of Ghanon. Kevin and the team were a welcoming bunch and it was such a great time that I had with them... most notably was undertaking an investigation at Newsham Park Hospital and Orphanage in Liverpool. What an interesting place that is!

And it's not all about doing night-time investigations but one can also go along to places that are open during the day and 'investigate' whilst looking through the location and it's history. This is something that I did whilst out with my daughter... and she too has a slight interest in investigating. Not sure if this interest of hers will be maintained, but at age 9 she did not flinch or get scared at investigating a graveyard at night... as long as she had a torch and a night-vision camcorder she was in her element!

...but now in the teenage years this interest might be waning slightly...

I am open to the possibilities that there is something going on, but also I look rationally into things and try to find clear and concise explanations to what is actually happening. I am not a sensitive-type person and so can't 'feel' anything at a location... but I do believe that others do have these abilities.

I consider myself an 'open-minded skeptic' with regards ghosts, etc. but more of an 'open-minded believer' with regards UFOs... as I feel with all the star systems and planets out there we can't possibly be the only ones in the universe.

At this juncture I must point out that I have only ever had one personal experience to note on... and to be honest I am still not sure if it actually happened or not...


Whilst I was helping out my electrician friend on wiring a sound system in a church for a festival, an old lady entered into the church by the main door. She continued steadily and with a frail gait along the side aisle heading toward the side door that led to two other rooms. I asked "are you looking for someone?" to which she replied with only a smile... and continued on. I looked to my mate, who just shrugged his shoulders and carried on working.

The old lady made it to the side door and as she opened the door, my mate said "Are you looking for the caretaker? He's my dad but he's not here until later this afternoon."

With that the old lady turned around, smiled at my mate, then continued through the doorway and shut the door behind her. Both my mate and I hurried over to the door and opened it... the old lady had disappeared!

Now we enquired with my mate's dad and he described the old lady correctly without us telling him... and it transpired that she used to be the caretaker of the church but she had died some 70 years earlier and that she has been seen on many occasions...


That said, there are times that I can only conclude that something is 'unexplained'!

I have witnessed things captured on camcorder and voice recorder footage that sound like voices, one in particular that sounded like it was saying "looking after them". Also captured light anomalies floating in front of the camcorder lens that changed direction extremely erratically that they do not seem to be either dust or bugs/flies, etc. Also captured flashing light anomalies observed in a graveyard over some graves that seemed to have a distinct pattern to them (this was captured on video footage).

My belief?

I think there is something other than the souls and spirits of the dead creating ghosts... and I feel it is more likely an artificial intelligence, an alien influence or humans from the future that are observing us and creating ghosts to try to conceal their existence in our realm.

But I'm looking forward to keeping on investigating to see what else might occur."