Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP)


The term given to a mysterious audio event in which human-sounding voices from an unknown source are heard on any recording medium. These anomalous voices are not heard at the time of recording, only when they are played back can these 'sounds' be heard... and usually when the volume is turned up high and more often than not via headphones only.

In addition to amplification, noise filtering is required to hear the sounds as 'voices' and can be misinterpreted as 'ghost' or 'spirit' voices that are communicating from beyond. Not all EVP recordings can be heard clearly or understood correctly - some are more difficult and others could be interpreted as plain gibberish. All genders, ages and languages of voices have been recorded over the years... and some even of an aggressive or 'demonic' nature.

That said, the whole EVP buzz is classified around the following grades of recording levels, based around the quality:

Class A - These are clearly understood by all, with optimal vocal content and human vocal tone that nobody can dispute... and sometimes full sentences are captured.

Class B - Compromised by some static or other distortion, usually lower in volume, only one-worded responses or even syllables... and could sound like they are distant.

Class C - These are not of vocal clarity and mostly whispers due to excessive distortion... and are very difficult if not at all clear to understand.

Sometimes recordings of EVP can be of what some classify as "intelligent responses". These are whereby an investigator will ask a question and a clear response will be recorded in answer to the question. It is with a scepticism you must look upon these types of responses as 'intelligent' as they might be just a huge coincidence that words or phrases will manifest to actual questions asked. They might just be random transmissions from radio, cell phones or other spurious transmissions.

At this point it is very clear to state that if you gather an EVP of what they conclude is a 'Class A', then it better be a very clear Class A to which clear and concise words are heard. Otherwise 90% of people will undoubtedly claim they can hear words coming through the equally prominent static and interference... and if that occurs then you may as well delete the recording.

Now the recording medium can play a huge part in obtaining clear, quality EVP recordings. Most digital voice recorders will record in both WAV and MP3 formats. Now the major difference in these formats is the way they record onto the device:

  • WAV format - is the most clear and records in an 'as is heard' format... but takes up the most memory.
  • MP3 format - is a lesser clear format as it is compressed when recording... but only takes up a small amount of memory.

Hence why Paranormal Investigations must usually only record in WAV format as opposed to MP3. Also it is paramount that all WAV format recorded evidence is kept as raw as possible to preserve the actual recording as captured.

Where do the 'voices' come from?

A good question... that can only be answered with: "there is simply no robust answer".

It is theorised that most, if not all, EVPs are just snippets of other transmitted frequencies from cellphones, radio stations, communication devices and other sources... and not at all from the other side or from dead people.

But one thing is clear... if the dead are only 'spirit' in form then without vocal cords they would not be able to communicate. Remember that Mediums and Spiritualists only claim to be able to communicate with the dead.

So the bottom line for any EVP evidence is to keep an open mind but do not jump to the conclusions that they are spirit in origin. The human brain is an amazing organ... it can discern several things at once but can also confuse us.

Don't just take our word for it...

Check out the Ouija Brothers on You Tube in the link below. They give a very good argument for 'alleged' EVP evidence as really not being what you think it is.

Ouija Brothers