Types of Hauntings

What is a 'haunting'?

As it clearly states a haunting is where there is supposed paranormal activity of ghosts and/or spirits. There are many who claim there are different types of hauntings... and this is something that the TV shows of recent modern times are a good source to fuel the fire of ghosts and shadows and that of paranormal activity. Even the cinema and Hollywood has a lot to answer for...

That said, for your information, here is a list of some of those terms used. But please ensure you use common sense before you try to claim that you or someone else has a particular type of haunting.

Residual Haunting

The alleged belief that any anomalous activity that seems to repeat itself over and over again - like a recording being played out - is said to be 'residual' in origin. These can be visual, audio and olfactory (smell) in manifestation that can be linked to trauma, emotional or other life-changing moment.

The 'Stone Tape Theory' suggests that any item can hold onto energy - like that of a person at time of death, especially in that snap moment of trauma or over-emotion, and can be recorded for all time.

Residual hauntings are deemed by some to be verified by the fact that there is no interaction into the real world.

Artefacts and Items

Be extremely careful on when inviting things into your home! Again it it said that those who have passed on were fond of a particular piece of jewellery or of an antique heirloom, etc. Thus creating the belief that any such paranormal activity in a person's home is down to the artefact being purchase and/or placed into the home - or even given as a present to another family member - and it causes activity.

Sometimes when objects or items, usually of an ancient origin including old antiques, dependent upon the type of item energy can hold onto them and cause upheaval in a home. Even the most delicate and innocent of items can cause paranormal activity and therefore one must be aware of potential spirit attachment. Once the item or items are in the home they can cause a variety of spiritual activity from non-threatening to potential dangerous conditions.

The jury is still out on this so please do not believe everything you see on TV or read on the internet.

Intelligent / Interactive Haunting

The alleged belief that activity of a paranormal nature can interact with the real world - like a poltergeist that claims to throw things or to attack people. This can also be where the claim of EVPs come from in as much where a Paranormal Investigator asks "what is your name?" and an EVP response at that time is recorded that sounds like a name response.

It is also claimed by some that when the environment is altered in some way - like when a house undergoes refurbishment - an intelligent spirit can see this and so goes about moving objects to gain attention.

Poltergeist Haunting

These are the most rare of hauntings. The term poltergeist means 'noisy spirit' in German.

Contrary to popular belief a poltergeist haunting is more commonly associated with a female person - usually in her teen years going through puberty - and activity is most prevalent when this female is around.

It is theorised that during puberty the female body goes through some major changes and gives off energy, which in turn can be outwardly projected and cause this poltergeist activity.

When there is no teen female around, it is theorised that there are several spirits located at the site and therefore they link together to create high energy in order to control the environment - and eventually control the movement of small objects.

Again... due to Hollywood it is probably nothing at all to do with the above.

There was a case of some children that stated things were being thrown about their bedroom. Their parents rushed in on their screams to see clothes and other objects strewn around their room haphazardly. The parents placed a hidden camera and it caught the children doing it themselves and then screaming as they jumped back into bed.

Demonic Haunting

Demons are entities that have never had a human form. They are entities of pure energy... and is something that you should hope you never ever come into contact with or experience!

It is said that "if you believe in God then you must also believe in the Devil". If that is true then it is possible that demons must exist.

Many of the recorded demonic activity hauntings have suggested that the environment can become heavy and dense - and that the air can become thick with a foul-smelling stench like rotting flesh or a sulphuric acid type of smell.

It is believed that these entities are very strong, very different to human spirits... and with their power comes great pride and they love to show off their strength by showing it and using fear to control people.

Most people will see demons as shadows or black mists... but some demons will show a form that will strike pure fear into people.

Again it is all really in a belief of one's religion. How can an atheist who does not believe in God believe in demons, etc.?

Shadows / Shadow People

These are very common... and in the modern world with all the modern electronics and lighting materials we can often debunk these down to pure normal natural items causing shadow forms.

These are often seen out of the corner of ones eyes and so hard to pinpoint to them in direct sight - hence the commonality and easy way to debunk them as natural.

Modern styles in lighting is more efficient than ever... and with LED systems now the norm they are of pure white light that any contours within the home can amount to more shadows than ever before. And that's not to place all blame on modern efficiency... that coat hanging in the hall or on the back of the bedroom door could cause one to think a shadow person is stood there.

Even if your home is on a busy street you might find that most shadows are caused by the movement of motor vehicles and even people from outside causing the inside of the home to feel like it is moving with shadows.

Mirrors can be found to be the cause of certain shadows as these tend to cause even more light reflections to be scattered around the home.