Depending upon the location the following Temperature Reading devices are available and will be used (model names stated accordingly):-

Digital Thermometers to measure temperature changes in real-time and over a sustained time period:

  • Min / Max Recordings for live readings over a given time

(Mel Meter 8704R REM EMT)

  • Automatic Temperature Deviation Detector (ATDD) – these constantly monitor temperatures and instinctively alarm ‘low’ or ‘high’ upon major temperature fluctuations of -5 or +5 degrees – thus detecting cold and hot spots

(Mel Meter 8704R REM EMT and Pro-Measure SB11)

ElectroMagnetic Field (EMF) Detectors for determining what electromagnetic fields* and other signals are present in a location. These are to establish electromagnetic waves prior to an investigation and to identify possible sources of electricity within walls and from circuit boards and distribution boards.

Contrary to popular belief, EMF Meters are not 'Ghost Detectors'! They are used scientifically:

  • Real-time monitoring to do ‘snap-shot’ readings during vigils

(Mel Meter 8704R REM EMT and K2 Meter)

  • Min / Max Recording for live readings over a given time

(Mel Meter 8704R REM EMT)

*Electromagnetic Fields can cause some people to feel any of the following and attribute it to paranormal activity:-

  • Headaches (inclusive of throbbing or stabbing pains);
  • Hallucinations;
  • Dizziness and/or Fainting;
  • Nausea and/or vomiting;
  • Confusion and/or Forgetfulness;
  • A sense that someone is watching;
  • Feeling of not being alone;
  • Feelings of dread or anxiety

The human brain works by way of neuro-electrical energy - microscopic waves of energies that fire within the brain to allow information, senses, etc. to travel. It is therefore easy to understand that any external influences can cause these neuro-electrics to either malfunction or become confused and therefore make the body feel out of equilibrium.

Any of the above feelings can be attributed to the effects of Electromagnetic Fields - which some people can be sensitive to and therefore can not be attributed to the presence of ghosts or spirits.

Static Detectors to detect both negative and positive static electrical discharges. These are visual only and will cause LEDs on the units to glow brighter or go dimmer depending upon the type of discharge. It is most likely that these will fluctuate due to influences from people's clothing or anything else that can generate static charges. One thing to remember is that any friction material, equipment, weather conditions, people and animals… even insects… can generate static.

Carbon Monoxide Detectors for determining levels of carbon monoxide present and/or emitted by gas appliances like cookers, boilers, etc. Again faulty appliances giving off poisonous gases can cause sickness, dizziness and confusion.