Listed below are all the private paranormal investigations around North Wales, Mid Wales, Cheshire, Shropshire and Merseyside that we have conducted.

Some details will be kept under discretion but a precis of the investigations will offer a little bit into the locations. Each case will only be a brief conclusion report on each case on an 'at-a-glance' basis.

Please note: as this is new we are in process of gathering the individual documents and investigative information to complete each one of the cases... and will be updated as soon as possible...

Private Residence - Cheshire

A 3-bedroom detached house in South-West Cheshire.

Unusual sounds coming from the loft/attic area, female child (aged 6) seen shadows in her bedroom, male child (aged 4) heard 'talking' to someone in his bedroom. Both children have seen shadows in the kitchen and dining room.

July 2016 Vigil Report

Private Residence - Conwy

A 3-bedroom semi-detached house in Conwy.

Footsteps heard outside the main bedroom, lights seen outside the main bedroom on the upstairs landing, a motion-activated air freshener keeps activating when no movement and creaking on the upstairs floorboards... to follow...