We have a collection of other equipment that can aid the Paranormal Investigator and include the following:-

Laser Grid

Green Laser Grid

Used in conjunction with a Camcorder – primarily for detecting movement and motion of anything that might move through it...

Visual only but is a good piece to use when required.

Theory is that the projected laser spots will be manipulated if someone or something crosses into its field.

Motion Detectors of two types can be used:-

  • Passive Infrared (PIR)

Similar to a laser, but an invisible Infra-Red beam is used and an audible alarm or beep can be set to sound upon detection

  • Ultrasonic ‘radar’ - similar to a car reversing parking sensor

Although these are used, it is interesting to note that these require motion to be activated. If ghosts do not have physical mass then how can they break or manipulate the beams? There must be some distortion of the environment and so any motion should be detected... and in addition to a camcorder an alarm going off will (hopefully) show movement.

Kinect Structured Light Sensor (SLS) Camera

Can detect motion and uses Infrared Scatter grid, with Infrared Camera, Depth Sensors and Skeletal Tracking. Obvious reasoning here is that the Skeletal Tracking would be used in conjunction with the Depth Sensor Camera in a hope of debunking 'false positives' - as the Skeletal Tracking software can sometimes and erroneously pick up on inanimate objects as 'skeletal figures'.

But it is stressed that 'skeletal' or 'stick-man' figures are not evidence of paranormal activity as these stick-figures can be picked up on any inanimate object like a vacuum cleaner, coat stand with a coat on it, bookcase, etc.


For detecting influences of magnetic fields that can cause the pointer to move erratically or spin.

Trigger Objects

Used to entice ghosts or spirits and invite them to move the objects. These can be anything and usually are related or linked to the ghost/spirit to provoke activity... although very rarely used.