North Wales Paranormal Investigators, Ghost Hunters, UFO Hunters

We have individually been investigating locations around North and Mid Wales, Cheshire, Shropshire and other farther locations for a combined number of years - many of which were with organised and arranged events such as Paranormal Nights, etc. but many have been on our own individual basis and/or together in small groups...

During our time we have all gained valuable investigation experience... knowing what is 'real' and what might be considered and/or interpreted as "for the public entertainment". But one thing is certain... we find that a lot of phenomena can only be described as 'unexplained' due to the fact that we have observed everything and can only come to this conclusion as no other natural or scientific reasons for the activity.

During the many investigations on organised events we came to the conclusion that this would be a great way to spend our time - but we did not want to part with our hard-earned cash in the process (attending organised events can be costly to say the least).

So it is now that we have decided to put all of our experiences together - pool our resources - and to create a new Paranormal Investigation Group!

Although we consider ourselves to be 'Paranormal Investigators', the term is coined rather loosely... as the prefix 'para' can be interpreted into several meanings (see Understanding). We should really class ourselves as "Anomalous Phenomena Investigators"... but as this seems to be long-winded we will maintain the nomenclature that is Paranormal...