For the Paranormal Investigator the best equipment are 'eyes' and 'ears'. We do not rely heavily on modern electronic equipment but instead use them to assist in clarifying the alleged activity as quite possibly being down to natural causes.

There is a myriad of equipment out in the world of paranormal that quite wrongly 'Ghost Hunters' use to prove the existence of ghosts... but to a Paranormal Investigator the equipment is useful to disprove such claims and/or to check certain conditions that are just natural in or to the environment.


As a basic mandatory requirement, all PDP member Investigators will have:-

  • 2-way PMR radio - to communicate with all team members
  • Investigation report form - to document any incidents whether they be normal/abnormal or otherwise
  • Digital watch - to be synchronised at the beginning of each investigation
  • Pens/pencils
  • Torch
  • Mobile Phones (turned onto silent during vigils)

At least one Investigator must have a First-Aid Kit.

Other ‘additional’ items may include:-

  • Additional pens
  • Clipboard
  • Notepads
  • Portable Chair

There are several types of equipment for the use in the paranormal field – most notably are Audio/Visual and Environmental


All audio/visual equipment is designed specifically to capture and record any audible and/or visual evidence accordingly.

Some equipment can do both – others just in their constructive nature are restricted to their specific medium.

(see Audio & Visual)


There are many environmental conditions detection equipment available. It is believed without proof that paranormal activity contributes to changes in environmental conditions. Temperature fluctuations (usually cold spots) are the most common, as are Electro-magnetic Fields (EMF) being another phenomenon. Static electricity is a similar phenomenon to EMF and can be both negative and positive in nature.

It is these Electro-magnetic Fields and Static effect feelings that people attribute to the presence of ghosts or spirits. This is most probably not the case and is quite possibly down to more rational and scientific reasons! The instant 'chilly' feeling that makes the hairs on the back of your neck or on your arms stand on end... might just be a cold draft or even static discharge.

(see Environmental)


Other equipment are those items that do not really fall into any specific category as they are generalised as 'possibly' providing other ways of obtaining evidence in non-audio/visual/environmental ways... although some do have visual ways as an addition.

(see Other...)