BEAUMARIS GAOL, Beaumaris, Anglesey

Designed by Joseph Hansom (designer of the Hansom cab) and Edward Welch. Built in 1829 and later expanded in 1867 to accommodate approximately 30 inmates. Only two recorded hangings... and it is said their bodies are buried in a lime pit inside the Gaol, although the exact location is not known.

It was closed in 1878 and became a Police Station until the 1950s, which it was then turned into a Children's Clinic. It was also turned into a museum in 1974.

Paranormal History:

  • Footsteps throughout the corridors have been heard
  • Disembodies voices and distant screams
  • The rattling of keys on a chain
  • Cell chimes have been heard clinking into position
  • Cell indicator bars have been moved into the up position

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All pictures taken during a previous daytime visit in preparation for the investigation

The Gaol Entrance...

Entry way into the haunted Gaol...

The Stairwell...

Gaol Stairwell linking the two floors

The Chapel...

Is this Chapel haunted?

The Courtyard...

The Courtyard

The Walkway...

Haunted walkway

October 2015: View Vigil Report