Each year we poll the Board of the North American Pirate Radio Hall of Fame for nominees to be in the Hall of Fame.

We have a "criteria" process for each round of voting. Example: "Pre-1990", "Pre-1995", etc; there is always a 10-year bridge between the present and what stations we vote on. Right now (2014) that would be 2004. We can't vote on any stations post-2004, they must be Pre-2004. Next year (2015) it will be Pre-2005 and so on...

In the initial nomination process, each Board member nominates up to 10 stations or individuals, and the results are tallied. A station or individual must get at least two (2) independent nominations to be placed on the ballot. The results are shared with all the Board members and a round of discussion begins on the qualifications of the nominees.

After the discussion period the ballot is again shared with the Board members and a date (or brief period, perhaps a week) is set to vote on the final induction. At least six (6) of the nine (9) Board members must vote YES on a nominee for induction into the Hall of Fame.

After the final vote, Board members are assigned to write up bio's and asked to contribute QSLs, audio, and any correspondence or stories about the pirates or stations that have been inducted into the Pirate Hall of Fame. Anyone can contribute materials, photos, QSLs and audio to the Hall of Fame. If you have something of one of the inductees, please contact the Hall of Fame at the address below. The more materials we have for each inductee the better.

If there is a Pirate Station or individual that the Board Member is personally involved with or if a Board member is nominated in the process, the Board Member must recuse themselves from voting on that station or individual; they cannot vote for themselves in any capacity. This prevents any conflict of interest by Board Members. THIS IS STRICTLY ENFORCED!

If there is a station or individual you feel should be in the Hall of Fame, direct your suggestion to: