MAC Shortwave

MAC Shortwave Audio

Paul Starr "Sick Show"

December 3, 2005 MAC shortwave fired up a Heathkit DX-60 and began broadcasting. After upgrading to a Johnson Viking II in the spring of 2006 they soon became a regular on the 43 meter pirate radio scene. MAC was known for a format of 50's and 60's rock and a professional sounding Paul Starr at the mic. Along with Paul was Johnny Guitarman and the youthful voice of Ultraman. Johnny would add his own format of 70's album rock to Paul's golden oldie mix. Sadly, Johnny passed away in the summer of 2008.

In 2011 the station began broadcasting less frequently, with fewer shows from Paul Starr, although Ultraman and the previously never on air station engineer “Dr Who” (no affiliation to the SciFi Dr) began filling in more. Paul Starr's last show was aired Jan 27, 2012.

Since then MAC's Viking powered signal has continued to be heard on the airways in the 43 meter band with regular live shows and great music from the golden oldies to classic rock.