George Zeller

George C. Zeller has been involved in the radio hobby since 1963, both as a listener and a writer. He has heard more than 600 “pirate” stations and writes complete and detailed reports which are valuable to station operators.

George and Andrew O’Brien started the Clandestine Profile column in The monthly A*C*E in 1985, and George stayed with it until April of 2003, making him one of the longest on-board columnists for the group.

He also wrote the Monitoring Times column Outer Limits from 1992 until a reorganization in 2010 eliminated the column.

Additionally, he has hosted the pirate radio forum at the annual Winter SWL Fest nearly every year since the Fest began, and frequently MCed the raffle drawing in an outstanding manner complete with cheesehead and fancy glasses.

Given all this, it’s hard to believe that George has other interests, such as sports (he is a lifelong Cleveland Indians fan) *and* a job as a Senior Researcher for the EOC in Cleveland, which helps to support his other interests!