WREC (Radio Free East Coast) is owned and operated by PJ Sparx.

Testing of the EF Johnson Viking II transmitter began in late September/early October of 1992. The maiden broadcast was in early March of 1993 on 7413 kHz in AM mode. During the mid-90s a Kenwood TS-440 transceiver and a Radio Animal “Grenade” low-power Am xmtr were added to the station. The Grenade was heard by a listener in Germany!

WREC was widely heard in the USA and Canada, as well as in several European countries. The station was very active between

1993 and 1998. Overall, more than 900 QSLs were issued in those five short years.

In addition to airing their own programs, Radio Free East Coast relayed dozens of North American pirates, including Scream of the Butterfly, Radio Esoterica, Radio Free Euphoria, Radio Azteca, Radio USA, and WLIS. They also relayed several EuroPirates such as Radio Marabu, Radio Titanic, Radio 510, and Radio Caroline. Also, many “studio Pirates” were heard by free radio listeners over the transmitters of WREC during the 1990s.

A typical WREC program included rock, punk, and alternative music mixed with various parody ads and parody songs thrown in. Most shows were pre-recorded although a few were done live.

PJ also collaborated with Charlie Loudenboomer of Pirate Radio Boston and Pete the Pirate of WRV (Radio Virus) for a few joint broadcasts.

The studio and transmitters of WREC went silent in October 1998 after a close call with FCC agents, but in April of 2015 P

J re-activated the station.In 1997 WREC was voted Best Pirate Station for programming in the A*C*E Pirate Popularity Poll.

PJ says the station exists to provide some entertainment to the free radio community and that the station doesn’t have a particular agenda or political message to send.