Kirk Baxter

Kirk has been involved in electronics and radio since his teenage years. He caught the 'pirate radio' bug after hearing many unusual stations at the edge of the amateur radio bands. His interest in catching these stations grew, and he joined the publishing staff of the ACE in 1982.

After many years of editing the "DiaLogs" radio column, a monthly listing of pirate radio activity, he accepted the position of President of ACE after Darren Leno retired.Kirk began the ACE BBS early in the 1980's with the BBS evolving into the ANARC BBS. The early stages of email and computer connectivity allowed the listeners from around the world to stay "in touch".

It was Kirk Baxters unending efforts in getting the ACE accepted by the ANARC that gave the pirate radio magazine an aire of respectability.

Kirk continued his work with the club until work forced a move in the late 1996 when he handed over the Presidency of the ACE to Pat Murphy.

He has stayed active in the monitoring hobby, and he still has his radio on most nights listening for new and unusual stations.